The Music of Brendan Kelly:

"I've been teaching English as a Second language to Chinese students for over a year now and these pieces, as a collection, were inspired by my love for my students and the country they call home."


late elementary to beginner level

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Suites I & 2 both contain (9) beautiful written pieces evoking the splendour that is China.


The #9 means "eternity" in China. In fact, the Forbidden City is said to have 9,999 and a half rooms.


Whichever room you decide to play these pieces in, I am sure there memory will be - long lasting.

01) Chop Suey

02) Yin 'n Yang

03) Fortune Cookies

04) Bamboo Forest

05) Chinese Garden

06) The Forbidden City

07) The Far East

08) The Last Emperor

09) Confucius Say...



Pages: 9


beginner to intermediate level



Chinese Suite II is the continuation of the popular Chinese Suite collection.

These (9) pieces continue to evoke the splendour that is China.

01) The Temple of Heaven

02) The Giant Panda

03) The Immortal Crane

04) Flying Lanterns

05) The Dragon Song

06) Terra-Cotta Warriors

07) The Bonsai - Penjing

08) The Yantze River

09) The Great Wall

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Chinese Suite II.jpg

Pages: 9