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This collection highlights 17 of Brendan's original solo piano pieces, released in 2024. The complete songbook, transcribed by Brendan himself.
Inspired by his love of butterflies, Chrystalis
weaves a thread between faith and spiritual transformation.







You'll need to log into Spotify to hear the entire track in the below players - be sure to scroll up and down to see/hear all the selections.

Brendan Kelly ~
Piano Pure & Simple

Brendan Kelly ~
Pure Piano: Winter

Brendan Kelly ~
Chrystalis (2024)


Chrystalis, Brendan's Debut Solo Piano Album is comprised of (17) pieces:
01) Seraphina
02) Ovum
03) Deloneura Immaculata
04) Kaetepilar
05) L'Arbre de la Vie Eternelle
06) Breath Before Rebirth
07) Wayfairing Wanderer
08) Chrystalis
09) Psyche Sleeps

10) Dreaming of Butterflies
11) Metamorpoisis
12) A Touch of Life
13) A Rush of Wings
14) A Taste of Spring
15) Butterfly Moments
16) Kiss The Morning Dew
17) Imago Dei
The significance of the number 17 in religion can vary across different belief systems, cultures, and interpretations. In Christian numerology, 17 is associated with the idea of spiritual perfection or completeness.

The 1st Piece: The album begins with "Seraphina," the name taken from the 'Chlorippe Seraphina,' otherwise know as the 'Turquoise Emperor or Cherubina Emperor,' is a species of butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. The title also mirrors the angels seraphim and cherubim who herald the birth of Jesus. The open 4 bars lay the foundation of the piece, two overlapping chords - C#m / Bm. As a musical key, B minor is the key of patience and calm awaiting, and of submission to divine dispensation, ie. Mary's 'yes' to bear the Son of God. C# minor is the key of intimate conversation with God, at it's radius - love. Written in C# minor, I purposely set the piece in the key of A minor, so the sharps and flats would stand out of the score mirroring the sharps and flats (high and lows) of life. The piece is a juxtaposition of tonal and atonal, pull and push, ebb and flow.

The 2nd Piece: "Ovum," is the egg, the fruit of Mary's womb - Jesus. In Christian tradition there exists what is called the 'O Antiphons of Advent.' They are musical pieces that have been sung since the 8th century that draw on the imagery of the hope of the coming Christ. The repeated use of the imperative - "Come!" embodies the longing of all for the Divine Messiah. Listen at bar 45 for the 6 measure reference to the hymn - "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," summoning forth Christ in the egg.

The 3rd Piece: "Deloneura Immaculata" starts in the Key of A major - characterizing innocent love and trust in God. Later it transposes to A minor - pious womanliness and tenderness of character. In this butterfly name we set the scene for the 'Immaculate Conception,' free of original sin, the virgin Mary conceives a son who would be called "Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." - Isaiah 9:6

The 4th Piece: "K-a-ete-pilar," 'a ete / etait' is French for 'has always been'. Jesus - he who is, who was (has always been), and who is to come - Revelation 1:4

Written in the key of Bb major, this keys speaks of having a clear conscience and hope for a better world. In order to grow, the caterpillar must eat, molt and travel large distances to find its food, which brings us to our next (3) pieces.

The 5th Piece: Eat of the "Arbre de la Vie Eternelle," Tree of Eternal Life. Why not eat of the best food that gives eternal life. We endeavour to search for this food. Our soul years for it,  


Chlorippe Seraphina


Deloneura Immaculata

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