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Born in Montreal, Canada in 1966, Brendan started

taking piano lessons in 1976 at age 10 with David Don.

Mr. Don was a popular Montreal musician and teacher,

playing around the city and at the former Chambertain

Restaurant in Pointe-Claire. He taught the Schillinger

Method - chords in the left hand and melody in the right.


Subsequently, Brendan used this method himself in his

first career as a private piano teacher for over 33 years.

It was during these years that he began composing music

for his students, comprising some 29 piano suites

for 'Young Hands'  totalling over 350 pieces

and counting.

In 1991, Brendan began writing Christian music, and has written a staggering 750+ hymns including his popular YouTube endeavour, 'Godsong365' of writing a Christian song-a-day-for-a-year in 2021, where he reached Day 103 before falling ill (unrelated to the song writing) and had to halt the project. "I regret that I could not continue", says Brendan "but I have plans of reaching my goal again someday in the future."


In 2010, Brendan began transcribing music for professional pianists like Richard Goldsworthy. It wasn't until the Covid pandemic that Brendan started writing and recording his own piano music. "I'd always written piano music, but friends like Richard and others gave me the push to start reaching out to a larger audience streaming my music on Spotify, etc.", says Brendan.

Brendan records and masters his original piano music in his own home studio using the popular DAW, Presonus 6, and plugins - Emotional Piano and Noire.


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