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The Area 51 facility in Nevada, has long been associated with conspiracy theories about extraterrestrial life. Speculations suggest that it houses evidence of unidentified flying objects and possible alien technology. The U.S. government denies such claims, fueling the mystery surrounding Area 51.

beginner to intermediate level

00-AREA 88.jpg
00-AREA 88.jpg



01) Classified Information

02) Top Secret

03) Conspiracy Theory

04) UFO

05) Extraterrestrial

06) Restricted Area

07) Area 88

08) Alien Sighting

09) Beware of Aliens

Area 51 is a highly classified U.S. Air Force facility located in the Nevada desert. Known for conspiracy theories and secrecy, it's a test site for experimental aircraft and technology.


Limited public access fuels speculation about extraterrestrial activities, contributing to its mystique as a focal point of speculative intrigue.

Area 88 (88-piano keys) comprises (9) pieces utilizing the chromatic scale.

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